Finland Turkey Business Guild appoints new chair

Finland Turkey Business Guild has appointed Mr. Röstem Hairedin as Chairman, effective as of June 2022. 

Mr. Hairedin outlines his vision for the guild:

As a member of the Finland-Turkey business community, I am very excited to serve as the Chairman of our business guild since 2022.The last two years due to the pandemic and recent geographical events have put a lot of strain in our businesses. However, due to the strategic positions of both Finland and Turkey, many opportunities have also arisen. The commitment of our guild to our members is to provide exemplary service to the businesses operating between Finland and Turkey. We would want to advance the interaction between both countries by arranging meet-ups, seminars, helping companies directly in local connections and bringing the business communities in both countries together. I look forward to a positive and a growing business guild for 2022 and beyond.

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