Finland pushing for climate actions together with Türkiye

As the effects of climate change continue to threaten world on a global level, wide-scale collaboration is necessary to ensure the safety of our planet. Both Finland and Türkiye are actively aiming towards finding greener perspectives, and there exists great potential for joint sustainability projects.

Finland is known as a clean country with plenty of clean water, clean air, and land for agriculture and recreation. Finland is also the most forested country in Europe and has almost 190 000 lakes that guarantee pure water for all. Even though Finns are used to these natural resources, people need to put continual effort into keeping them. 

While the citizens of Finland are environmentally aware, there are still many things to improve. Households still significantly affect the climate and the environment through housing, transport, and food habits. The impacts of climate change are also already visible in the North. Threats to the environment do not respect national borders, and in order to combat global warming, cooperation is needed locally, nationally, and globally.

Luckily, cooperation between Finland’s and Türkiye´s governments is on an excellent path. During the second half of September, a delegation from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of Türkiye will be visiting Helsinki, Lahti, Porvoo and Paimio. You will soon be able to read more about the visit in our website.

Finland has funded climate funds and different development cooperation projects in sustainable development. We promote the sustainable use of natural resources and support low-emission and climate-resilient development. However, environmental challenges are often very complex, so the solutions require a multitude of different types of partnerhips.

It is dangerous to take things for granted. Action is needed now. Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels must be cut close to zero, and energy production must be carbon-neutral and based on renewable energy resources.

Many Finnish companies are currently working in Türkiye to try to share their knowledge about green choices, including but not limited to Lamor, Lindström, Afry, Purmo, Huhtamaki, and Wärtsilä. Sustainable development is at the center of how these companies direct their actions. In the future, it is crucial to increase cooperation between countries to guarantee the best possible future for all. In addition, it is essential to look behind the trade numbers and focus not only on growth, but on sustainable growth.

This is something we in Finland and in Türkiye can do – while we double our bilateral trade.

Read more about Finnish sustainability targets HERE.(layout.types.url.description)

FACT BOX: Climate Neutral Finland 2035, three targets for the future:

  • According to the Government Programme, Finland aims to be climate neutral by 2035 and the world’s first fossil-free welfare society. Carbon neutrality means that emissions and the sinks that sequester carbon are in balance, i.e. emissions caused by human activity are calculated to be as high as greenhouse gas removals.
  • Finland’s obligation under EU law is to reduce the effort sharing sector’s green house gas emissions (non-ETS) by 39% by 2030 (from 2005 levels).
  • The new Climate Change Act will enter into force 1 July 2022. The Act ensures that Finland’s carbon neutrality target for 2035 and sets emission reductions targets for 2030, 2040 and 2050.

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